May was busy getting back from my getaway trip then Mother's Day and end-of-school programs and events. I am always so ready for summer break by the time it arrives. And ready for school to start again after summer. :)

Cole's preschool did the cutest Mother's Day Tea with a program and refreshments. They made adorable bonnets that we all wore then brought us a flower and poem after singing to us. Those are some of the best moments. Cole actually sang this time!

Grey made a poster for school and I wanted to save it. I don't know why I can't rotate it. He is pretty funny.

We had a huge snowstorm that took down a few trees in our back yard. Luckly even though it fell onto the house there was no damage. I hated that tree anyways! It dropped leaves, twigs, berries and all kinds of stuff all over our deck.

We surprised the kids with their own Fire tablet. They loved them to say it mildly. This was the scene in our house until I implemented better rules.

The weather is finally getting nice enough that we can go for our walks again. It is the perfect way to pass time crazy time before bed.
Elise graduated kindergarten. She was adorable. They had a wonderful program designed just to make me cry! Full of pictures from the year and songs about kids growing up too quickly. Ugh. Those things break my heart. I just love them so much at this phase that I would love for time to slow down a little. They are so sweet and innocent and I hate thinking of the tough things in life that they will have to face. I love how happy this little girl is--always. She is our sunshine.

My ward held an amazing paint activity. I am grateful for our ward and the wonderful people I get to spend time with.
Grey & Elise had their field day. Jared volunteered to work a station and realized how hard it was to keep those kids  paying attention. Haha. Never again. I got to follow Grey & Elise all over to the different stations and eat bagels. I liked my plan better.

 Elise was sad she didn't get to stay after field day since she was in half day kinder that day. So I cheered her up with a little Wendy's lunch.

We took a family trip to the aquarium. I do those things a lot by myself with the kids. So it was extra nice to have Jared with us. The kids loved showing him everything. Cole actually touched the stingrays this time.

And the other thing keeping us crazy busy. We (meaning Jared & his dad) have been finishing part of our basement to move my laundry room downstairs so we can have a full mudroom upstairs. We have a hallway! This is where the laundry room and bathroom will be. Someday...


Birthday Trip to Vegas

I had been telling Jared for a looooong time that I would be going somewhere after Vanessa turned one. It was my celebration for being done nursing and having babies! My sister & I both weaned our babies at the same time so it seemed a perfect time for a birthday trip with my two other favorite people. I appreciate having a husband who is willing and supportive of letting me take off for a few days leaving him with the four kids. We had a wonderful time. Although I think we had too much fun because we didn't sleep nearly enough. I guess that is what happens in Vegas...

We walked the strip the first night to see the fountains and wander. Unfortunately it was the night after a big Mayweather fight and the crowd was interesting to say the least. I have never felt unsafe in Vegas until that night. It was a little bit unsettling.

We spent a lot of time at the pool either at our place or the MGM pools and lazy river. It was perfect.

On my birthday we went to the Wynn lunch buffet which Heather researched as one of the best. It did NOT disappoint. Look at the desserts!!

That evening we went to Blue Man Group which was a riot. We bought the cheapest tickets at the back of the theater and ended up getting moved to the front row. Luckily right next to the splash zone. What a fun show. And don't ask why we match--we just think alike and didn't realize it until we were already out. Haha.

We did a tiny amount of slot machines. My mom won big on the penny machine--$3. 

Our place was incredible. We stayed in a 1 BR at the Signature MGM. I would absolutely stay there again. Loved it. Look at the bathroom (one of two bathrooms) and the view from one of the balconies.

Jared took such good care of the kiddos as always. He took them to Steak & Shake after I left because they were feeling sad. On Sunday he found Cole in our bed all tucked in a cuddled up. We find him all over the place sleeping. When Jared sends me these pictures, I melt a little. I love seeing their cute faces. Makes me miss them.


Vanessa is ONE!

This sweet girl is one. Hard to believe it. She is such a joy in our world. She makes everyone smile and laugh. The kids all adore her and love to baby her. She is a lucky, loved girl.

Her favorite things are dogs, bears, babies and belly buttons. She is on the move but not quite walking. She is still struggling to grow any hair--minus a tiny tuft of curls in the bottom back. Kind of like a curly mullet. Her eyes are still super blue. Jared is hoping they stay and she gets her daddy's eyes. She is still such a little peanut. Her weight is 17 lb 10 oz (3rd %), height 29 ¼ in (54th %) and head 17 ½ (32nd %). But healthy as can be. If only I could get her to eat. anything at all.

Grey had his school music program, so Vanessa didn't get too much of a party. Grandma came over after dinner to open presents, sing and eat cupcakes. Grandma fed her dinner so she has squash all over her face. She wasn't too sure about the cupcake. She is the pickiest eater. ever. But the kids were happy to help her eat it.

She LOVED the baby and snuggled and loved it right away. Then I caught her pushing it around on her walker. So sweet.

Happy Birthday to our little sunshine.



There is nothing like being a parent. There are times when I think it is the absolute worst and hardest thing and I wonder why I got myself into this mess. I feel terrible even having those thoughts ever. But some times are just so hard and draining in ways I could never have imagined. On the other hand, I get to experience the most incredible joy--again more than I could imagine. My heart is so full of love for these little people that were sent to me. There is no greater love and joy than as a mother. I am also so grateful that I am able to stay home with these kids and experience moments that just fill my whole soul with joy. They make me smile and laugh more than anything else in this world. We won't talk about how they can also make me more upset than anything else too...

I love being able to watch these children grow and learn and experiment with the world around them. They find joy and interest in the mundane. They really don't care what anyone thinks. It is refreshing. I find Cole often in ways that just make me laugh. Recently I found him doing his hair like Elise so that he could look "handsome." He was in the bathroom with no pants or underwear, wet hair and one of Elise's headbands on his head/face. He was so proud of himself.

This one made me laugh for different reasons. Grey was upset with me because he apparently thought I was mad. But he got in trouble for breaking rules. This is Cole's bear puzzle where you can mix and match facial expressions and clothing. This is what Grey came up with then he put it on my nightstand. Angry mom, crying Grey and uninterested dad. We got a good laugh out of it.


Pinewood Derby

Grey got to participate in his first Pinewood Derby. Unlike some of the other parents, we let Grey make his car 100% and then I felt guilty for not "fixing it up" a little bit. There were some AMAZING cars. He sat outside shaping then sanding and sanding forever. He put so much effort into it. It was cute. He picked out the american flag wrap and the blue paint.

When we got to the weigh-in though it was under weight and obviously you want it to have the maximum weight. So I glued these pennies on the top and he wasn't too thrilled about that. Again--felt bad. Thank goodness we have more. He won a few of the races but didn't place in the top 3. We have a lot of actual engineers in our ward. :)