Waiting for baby....

I am now a day overdue which I thought would NEVER happen! I feel like I am weeks overdue. With this being my 4th pregnancy and all the others came so early, I foolishly expected an earlier arrival than after my due date at least. I am a little emotionally drained with wondering every day and trying to be prepared with the house, laundry, food, etc just in case. And my mom is leaving town Monday because we thought for sure it would be before my due date so she scheduled a trip. And I am a little bit stressed... I am probably doing it to myself with my stress and fears about this labor, delivery and recovery. I had to switch Midwifery groups and hospitals at 39 weeks due to some major issues with the first one. And they had misdiagnosed my group b strep, so I have really been watched over. But now that all of that is taken care of, I am ready! Any time now baby girl...
40 weeks (never seen that before)

I have been bouncing on my ball, had my membranes stripped, got a chinese foot accupressure massage, had acupuncture for induction, took the kids to the zoo and walked around for 3 ½ hours, etc, etc. She is STUCK and very disinterested in making her appearance!

Glad we made it through my favorite weekend of the year (conference)! The kids were happy to get their tent, treats and cinnamon rolls.

At the zoo for our "walking" and I sure wore the kids out!

Best Visiting Teacher ever. She brought over a special "due date" basket full of goodies. Love it!

Flag Football

Grey has become crazy about football. The boys at recess play football every day and he has just gone crazy over it. He chose flag football for his spring sport and loves it so much. He couldn't sleep the night before the first practice because he was so excited. And he wears his mouthguard pretty much all the time. So gross. He has done great. He got a touchdown at his first game!

Little Boy Blue & Brothers

Grey had his 1st grade musical which was so adorable. He was Little Boy Blue and had one line. They put him in the back of the risers--since he is so tall I'm sure--and he was super enthusiastic with all the movements and songs. It was cracking me up.
Grey & Cole's relationship is the cutest. If I put Cole in pajamas that Grey has matching ones to, Grey will go get in his matching PJ's. They love it. Grey & Elise have been getting Cole dressed in the morning and helping him pick out clothes. One day Grey & Cole came down in their matching Bronco's outfits down to the blue socks. They make me smile!


Spring Break

I was so excited for Spring Break. I have been looking forward to having all of my kids home and spending time with them before the baby comes. We jam packed our days and had a wonderful week.

We started it off with a fun family dinner out at Red Robin. The kids loved having the unlimited fries and chocolate milk. Then Grey threw up all night and I banished him to a mattress on my floor--luckily it didn't get passed on whatever it was.

I took all of the kids on dates to pick out special things for when the baby comes. Elise picked Build-A-Bear and a knockoff American Doll which she keeps asking to hug. Cole wanted a Build-A-Bear as well since he is kind of obsessed with bears.

We went as a family to the aquarium. I always love having Jared when we do those outings because usually it is just the kids and I. Nights are the best there anyways...

I took all three kids by myself to the Children's Museum which left me with a headache the rest of the day, but I thought that was a pretty awesome feat to accomplish.

We spent time at one park or another every single day. The weather was too perfect! Oh and I napped every day. It really was perfect.

Our neighbor took Grey on a tour of Sports Authority Stadium. He of course thought it was the best day ever. They tried on gear, sat in John Elway's box and toured all over. They spoiled him more and took him to Smashburger and Yogurtland afterwards.

Grey got his last ski day in this season with Jared and I got a sleepover with Elise in my bed. She likes to bring in her blankets and pillow then snuggle up all night. So sweet.

In other news, my clothes absolutely do not fit. I look ridiculous walking around the house. Poor Jared.

Now we are taking it day by day waiting for baby to come. I have everything ready include an assortment of freezer meals, muffins, jam, pizza dough, etc, etc. We are ready.... Looks like this baby is going to be my latest baby yet. Tomorrow I am 39 weeks which is the day Cole came. Cannot wait to get her here!!!


9 month bump

Somehow it became the middle of March and I am three weeks from my due date. I honestly don't know where the time goes. This pregnancy has been pretty easy considering I have three other children. Although the past month has been quite a bit more difficult. My body just hurts. I can't hardly exercise (meaning yoga or walking) because my pelvis and groin hurt so much. I am sure being a few years older than the last times doesn't add to that at all! ;) BUT I am almost done. It is funny how one day very soon the baby will here and I won't be pregnant anymore. I will have a warm, snuggly naked baby in a few short weeks.

I have been more fearful this time for the labor, delivery, recovery, etc. Part of it I think is that I have had such a struggle with my midwife group. They have had constant turnover and now I don't even know any of the midwives. I met one once very quickly. So I feel a little uneasy going into this without trusting the person delivering my baby. And if you know me at all, I just don't do well with the unknown which is pretty much birthing in a nutshell. Completely unknown! Luckily the hospital is great and is three minutes from our house.

On the other hand, it is finally sinking in that we will have her here soon. I am getting so excited to hold that sweet girl and snuggle her on my chest. I love my three other munchkins so much that I am excited to expand my heart even more. There is nothing as rewarding and amazing as being a mother--and now a mother times 4. I can't wait to see the other kids with her. They have all been so sweet. Cole will lift up my shirt and give the baby caresses and loves. Elise is just beside her self waiting to have this sister she's always dreamed of having. And Grey kisses the baby bump goodbye when he leaves for school. They love to talk to her and snuggle up to the belly.
Cole's baby bump loves
 Elise napping on the bump

I think this bump is WAY bigger with this pregnancy than any of these others. But again--only a few more weeks so I really don't care! Other than the fact that I am growing out of everything. I always think it is amazing (and terrifying) how much the baby grows in the last few months. Hopefully she isn't gigantic.

All of my babies have come 2, 3 and 1 week early so hopefully this baby will be here shortly.


More fun with Aunt P

I just love when my sister comes to town. And its even better now with sweet Allie. She was born a week after Cole and they are so cute together. She & Elise had a little slumber party the first night and it was probably the cutest thing ever.

We lucked out with gorgeous weather, so we spent a lot of time outside. We walked to the park by our house one of the days and had a tough time leaving.
 The baby bumps. I love being pregnant with her again!
 Three of the cousins (Cole, Allie & Elise)

We also spent a day at the  Children's Museum with my mom & step-dad. We were going to take Grey out of school to go but he ended up having class pictures. I was probably more sad than he was.
 Cole was less than thrilled after my mom dressed him up as a fox. He wouldn't even look at me. He was protesting.
 Two of my favorite people in the big bubble
 Elise & Grandpa building something
 My kids were BEAT after they left town. We had been up late and shortening naps which wore them out. Grey's teacher called me on Tuesday asking if everything was okay because he had fallen asleep in class! Then Cole came up to me right after lunch (before normal nap time) telling me he was ready for bed. That does not happen. He got in bed and passed out for three hours. I think we are getting back to our normal schedule again--well until everything changes with a new baby.


Zoo Day

I absolutely love spring in Denver. We still get some fun snow storms but they are gone by the end of the day and we have more and more gorgeous 70 degree days. I have been taking advantage of every single one! Worse case we walk to the park next to our house just to soak in some sunshine. My cousins and sister were in town so we met up at the zoo. It was so fun to be with family. I am so lucky to have such great people like them. It was hard to leave because it was so beautiful.
 Please don't mind the state of this elephant. I didn't notice until I got home. But it was funny because when I asked Cole which animal was his favorite, he told me "the pooping elephant." He thought it was hilarious!
We stayed way past his nap time. Wiped out!