Easter was on General Conference weekend this year. I like hearing from our prophet and apostles on Easter. It is very special. Although I do miss dressing up and going to church on Easter Sunday. It feels strange to not go. Saturday we made the rounds at Easter Egg hunts. Heather, Allie & Ryan were in town so we were going big. We started the morning with a hunt at an elementary school put on by a local jeweler. I scored big time! The kids found eggs with chocolate bunnies, a diamond necklace and a watch. Loved it. Then we went over to the Southglenn Country Club for their egg hunt. It was so much fun.

Greyden, Cole, Elise & Allie

 Cole sorting through his eggs
 Allie joined him after a bit. They are two peas in a pod.

This bunny at the country club was pretty creepy. The girls' faces make me smile. He was following everyone around miming and trying to get you to take pictures with him. It was awkward.


Spring Break in St. George

My grandparents are getting older and my grandma has had a few health scares in the past year. I felt strongly about taking my kids to meet them and spend some time with them. My mom is the best and got us a fantastic condo at a really fun resort down the road from my grandparents. My mom also took off work and drove out with me to help with the kids. She is amazing. We had such an amazing time. We were able to do lots of fun spring break things as well as spend some quality time with my grandparents. Grey has always had a special bond with my grandpa. My grandpa had been collecting some rocks and golf balls to give to him when he got there.

The road trip begins... They were incredible. My mom sat in the back with Vanessa for a bit but other than that, they were perfect. After this I felt a freedom that I haven't had for a long time! I am free to travel places with four kids.
 First stop: breakfast at Burger King
 The traditional morning walks with my Grandpa are the best. I love that my kids get to enjoy these walks as well.

 We stopped at the Nature Preserve and saw these two beautiful swans. We took a picture for my grandma because she loves the swans but isn't able to walk or go many places anymore.
 Sunday afternoon we went to the St. George temple. It started out great. I love that temple--white up against the stunning red rocks. Cole and Vanessa were not having it once we started going through the visitor's center. So it was a frustrated and quick visit.

 Elise remembers a picture of her dancing in front of the temple doors from a few years back. She requested an updated picture. I love her.

 Breakfast in our condo. They were excited to get fun cereals!

 We spent a few afternoons snuggled up on the pullout couch watching movies after a day of sunny fun. I will take a nap any way I can.
 Our place had pools, miniature golf, basketball, sandbox and a playground. It was so much fun for the kids.

We hiked the red rocks up above the city for hours. It was an awesome place to explore. I was pretty impressed that I attempted this BY MYSELF with four kids. My mom met up with  us later but it was a little stressful with all the ledges and caves.

 We went to the splash pad downtown one day. Grey complained the whole time before going about how much he hates splash pads. He apparently did not hate it and we had to drag him away.

My mom sent me off shopping by myself and somehow I ended up with a box of swig cookies. Whoops.

And THE reason we went: my dear, sweet grandparents. They mean everything to me and taught me so much about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about true love. They are the reason I still had hope for marriage and family after my parent's divorce. I love being in their home. It is full of peace.

 FOUR Generations. I love these women and my girls.


First Part of March

Elise is 5 now and got to go skiing with Jared for her first time. I was honestly a little worried but she LOVED it and was skiing on her own without the harness before the end of the day. I am so thankful for Jared who spends time with these kids. I hope they realize how lucky they are. Jared always packs a lunch but buys them a big plate of fries to share. It has become a tradition and he sends me the pic as an update every ski day. I look forward to getting the "fry picture" every time. I am looking forward to the day when we can all ski together and I am not just hanging out with the baby and toddler.
Jared also took Grey skiing and one day he got to ski with his buddies Noah & Jared.
Cole had his first dentist appointment. I know. I am the worst mom. Yes he is 3. But his teeth were great luckily!
Grey had a special date with Jared to the Avs game. I am missing out on all the fun this month.

Well except for when I went with all my sisters-in-law to the Garth Brooks concert. Jared hummed and hawed so I uninvited him and went with girls. It was the most incredible concert I have seen. He is truly talented and I was glad to get to hear him in person. Plus it was just a fun night with Cindy, Jodie & Pam.

This girl has been having a few rough nights and not sleeping very well.  I have been bringing her in bed with me and just soaking up the snuggles. After four times doing this, I know how quickly these moments pass.  I may be exhausted and uncomfortable in bed, but I get to listen to her quiet breath and feel her warm body snuggled next to mine.

Cole had his first preschool performance at Great Escape. He was dressed up as a cowboy. This is the only picture I have because unfortunately he came out, saw the people smiling and laughing and he started crying. So the teacher had to carry him off the stage and couldn't get him back out. I love that boy and his attitude!


The Rest of February

I love sleeping kids. We found Elise all cozied up in the middle of our bed. I love it. We find Cole sleeping in the strangest places and positions. This was the first time he fell asleep with a laundry basket over himself. 

Jared & I went to the Russian Banya again with our friends. Carrie & Dave have been our best buds for almost 12 years. Love spending time with them. It was incredible--as always.

As we left the banya, we were met with a blizzard storm and took a loooong time to get home. It snowed for days. Finally!! The kids were in heaven and built themselves a nice, little snow cave. Not quite big enough to get in--but next year maybe we will get better at it.
I took Grey on a mommy G date to a Nuggets game. He especially loved the nachos and blue cotton candy. It was my bribe for getting him to try basketball. He wasn't too sure about playing but I thought he would really enjoy it. So I told him if he played, I would take him. And of course he was amazing at basketball like every other sport. He is very athletic and just picks sports up quickly. Lucky kid...


Starting off February

We are buried in snow right now, but the past two weeks have been insanely gorgeous with 60 degree days. It has been a wonderful break from winter to be able to spend some time outside.

Our February has started with a bang as always. I used to think life would slow down, then I realized I am managing four lives in addition to my own and that it will be crazy for quite some time. I better learn how to manage it better!

Elise did a little camp with the dancers at the high school here with some girls in our ward. She loved it more than anything! I was really impressed with how well she did in the performance during the basketball game as well. She kept right up and went full force.

Elise & I had a little date at the Denver Center of Performing Arts to see Cinderella. I love this play! I was in this play when I was in the 6th grade so it was really fun to hear all the songs again.

We celebrated my step-dad's 59th birthday. He is such an amazing man. So lucky to have him a part of my life and a wonderful grandpa to my kiddos.

Cole has been holding hands with this little friend at church. Here he is caught in the act during singing time. It is the cutest thing ever. He asks about her all of the time!
We finally got my mom's piano over to our house and Grey & Elise are taking lessons. I have been playing a bit again and loving it. It is so soothing to play. I wish I were better at it--but someday it will be my turn to take lessons again.
Vanessa ended up with some virus that caused major breathing trouble. She has been doing breathing treatments (which she hates) for five days now. She isn't sick anymore--just still gunky in her lungs. Poor baby.

I started teaching yoga at a residential studio. I am hoping to get back into teaching other classes as well but can't seem to find anything for the right place and times. Teaching is the best way to get in shape and I love it!
Lastly, we had Pam & Jason's kids sleep over and we hardly saw the kids. They love being together. And apparently they are heavy sleepers. Poor Addie.